*  To impart need-based training to the unemployed youth to increase their employability in key sectors of our
    *  To offer full-time, part-time, formal and non-formal programmes to upgrade the management skills in small-
        scale business and industry.
    *  To provide special training for small business development utilizing locally available resources.
    *  To conduct vocational training to meet the specific needs of industry and business.
    *  To conduct re-training for professionals and executives in industry, business and service sector so as to
        enable them to cope with the fast changing technological and managerial environment.
    *  To conduct in-service training to workers in the industries of organized and
        unorganized sectors for the enhancement of productivity and equip them to meet the challenges of changing
    *  To establish partnership with industries and commence for identifying human resource requirement and
        training needs.
    *  To make identify the training needs of specific sectors and plan and organize suitable training programmes for
    *  To develop and publish training materials for regular and distance education programmes.
    *  To identify the areas in which distance education and open learning methods are appropriate, and to design
        and conduct such programmes.
    *  To identify the employment potential areas and to conduct competency based skill development
    *  To undertake such other activities as are required to fulfill the objectives of the Centre.